Tuesday, October 21, 2014

DIY Fall Tablescape

Hello lovelies! 

Today I thought I'd get a little creative and show you a Fall Tablescape that I will be using for family get-togethers this year. One of my very favorite things in life is to host anything from family dinners to big parties for all of our friends and family.  

Part of the fun for me is creating a tablescape to go with my theme for the party.  

Generally speaking, I always host the holiday meals at my house and this year is no different.  I will have a lovely tablescape like this, using pumpkins, gourds, squash (actual foods and fake props), sticks and twigs from trees in my backyard, fabric leaves and a lovely piece of fabric to drape over the table.  I use several different sized books or boxes to create dimension and for different plates, platters or serving dishes to sit on.  

You can find things all over your home to use for your tablescape, get creative!  Think outside the box and imagine the possibilities.  You could even spray paint the twigs/sticks/branches - whatever it is that you are using, to match any certain colors you have chosen for your event.  

For my Thanksgiving tablescape this year, I am planning to use my twigs and sticks just as nature made them, I'm feeling very rustic this fall ;)  

I'd love to see what you come up with for a tablescape this fall, if you've done a tablescape or other fall themed decor post, I would love to see it, leave me a link below so I can check it out!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Flowers for Mama

*As a brand ambassador for The Bouqs Company, I received these flowers in exchange for this post. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

The Bouqs - Premium Farm Direct Flowers

Hello my lovelies! I have recently become an ambassador for thebouqs.com they are an online floral company.  The whole idea behind the bouqs is to give you an awesome customer experience when you order flowers from them.

They have gorgeous bouquets from roses to lilies.  The colors are super vibrant.  When I was looking through the bouquets, considering which one I wanted to review for this post, I had a really hard time choosing because they are all so beautiful.  
I was really drawn to the Hot Lava bouq, those gorgeous hot pink and bright yellow roses just spoke to me.  Honestly I couldn't stop staring at the picture of them.  The ordering process was fast and easy with the the bouqs website being really easy to navigate.

Once I was done placing my order, the bouqs customer service people were in contact with me about the shipping and tracking information.   My delivery was set for a week away.  I eagerly awaited the FedEx man's arrival that was set for Friday (the 10th of October).  Unfortunately, there was some issue with the delivery date so the bouqs customer service people contacted me to let me know and to apologize.  It was very nice to have someone notify me as soon as they found out so I wouldn't be waiting around all day for a FedEX delivery that would never show.
Luckily, the delivery was only one day later than it was originally supposed to be.  So, Saturday morning the FedEx man showed up with this lovely box...I may have squealed with delight...

The box was packaged tightly to make sure the bouq stayed as fresh as possible.  I received two dozen roses in my Hot Lava bouq and they were packaged 12 roses per bouq.

Once I unwrapped the bouq's and started to take the roses out so I could cut the stems and put them in vases, I noticed how saturated the color of these roses are, honestly I've never seen such vibrant hues and they are incredibly beautiful.

I was able to separate the roses out to make 2 bouq's, one taller and one short.  I have a thing for the short bouq's...they are just so cute and pretty.

If you happen to need to send flowers to someone, I would recommend using the bouq's they are really fantastic to work with and deliver an amazing bouq ;)

Thursday, October 16, 2014

DIY Halloween Pumpkin Topiary and Mantle Decor

Happy Halloween Lovelies!

So, today it's a bit of a different post for me...I don't typically do a lot of DIY projects but this one was so simple and really inexpensive so I had to share!

First, let's go over what you'll need:

3 pumpkins (mine are like a hard styrofoam)

Wooden dowels
Spray paint
Acrylic paint
Paint brushes

Now that you have your supplies, you will need something that you don't mind getting spray paint on.  I just used a piece of cardboard.  If you have orange pumpkins, obviously you don't need to do this step unless its a shade you don't like or if you wanted a different color than orange.  Purple and black would be super cute too.  

Anyhoo, I went ahead and spray painted all three pumpkins back to orange.  I left them on the cardboard while they dried for about 2 hours.

Once they were completely dry, my husband drilled holes in each of the pumpkins so they could be stacked using the wooden dowels.

You can obviously arrange them however you want them, I wanted mine a little off center so that's what we did.

Now that we are done with the spray paint and drilling holes to stack them with the dowels, we are ready to get the acrylic paint out and paint our lettering on the pumpkins.

When you are finished, it will look like this...and I love it!

We drilled two holes in the bottom pumpkin to have stakes so we could stick it in the flower bed by our front door.  We also have some orange lights up around the entry.

And there you have it!  Total cost for this project was $5 ( I already had the orange spray paint and the 3 pumpkins).  

Now, on to my indoor Halloween decor on my mantle.  Some of these items were DIY's from a few years ago as well, and the rest are from the dollar spot at Target!  

The canvas paintings are all DIY projects I did a few years ago.  A ghost, a candy corn and a pumpkin.

The garland is from the Target dollar spot, I bought two and it was plenty to fill the space on the mantle that needed a little somethin somethin.

The purple and orange skulls were in the Target Dollar spot and were actually $3 a piece, as well as the BOO sign on top of the clock.

And there you have it! My Halloween decor, I don't go over the top for sure but I'm really happy with how it's all turned out.  

If you decide to try my DIY project, let me know, I'd love to see how yours turn out!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Getting into the Spirit of Halloween

*I was compensated for this post, all opinions are 100% mine.

It's so hard to believe that we are already half-way through October and on the downhill slide to the end of the year...what a year it's been!

Normally, when it comes time to start thinking about Halloween and costumes, Hannah has pretty solid ideas of what she wants to be.  This year was a little different though.  We started talking about ideas and throwing around the possibility of doing a theme for her and Asa to sort of match or at least coordinate...think Minions or Olaf and Anna.

We took a little trip over to our local Spirit Halloween store to see what we could find.  Let me just tell you, there was a huge selection of adult costumes, teen and older kids costumes too.  There wasn't as much of a selection of baby costumes, but that's pretty typical no matter where you look...babies are generally given the option of a pumpkin or some kind of animal.  There were a few more options besides those two for Asa so that was nice.

We found Sofia the First, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Doc McStuffins, Minnie and Mickey Mouse, Clowns, Disney Princesses and Superheroes.  They only had little girl sizes for Anna/Elsa so that was out for Hannah to match an Olaf costume.  So we looked around some more to try and come up with another idea.

My family has a love of all things super hero - mainly Marvel comics, but we don't discriminate against DC comics.  

When we found the baby Batman costume and a corresponding Robin costume that was appropriate for my 9 year old to wear, we knew that was it!  We snatched them right up and headed to the register.  All in all we spent about 90 minutes in the store, yes, there really was that much to see!

Once at the register, I was asked if I'd like to donate to their philanthropic  Spirit of Children program which brings fun and funding to hospitals across the country for children who otherwise would not be able to celebrate. The hospital in the Phoenix area that will benefit from the funds raised is Phoenix Children's Hospital. When visiting a Spirit Halloween location, shoppers can donate as little as $1. This year Spirit of Children’s goal is to raise $5.2 million nationally, bringing its total contribution to $21 million.  What an awesome program!  

When we got home, I had to get some pics of the kids in their costumes when they tried them on.  I am so excited for Halloween night to see my babies out trick or treating together as Batman and Robin!  We still have to get treat bags and of course the candy we will hand out at our house.  I am also excited to get Asa a red wagon to ride in for his very first Halloween!

My kids make awesome superheroes if I do say so myself!

Have y'all picked out your costumes yet? What will you or your kids be this year?

Monday, October 13, 2014

Falling into Nails

See what I did there?! ;)

I know, another fall themed post, come on crazy white girl...enough with the fall themed stuff!

Aaannnyywhooo...let's talk nails. And mani's. Or pedi's if you wanna go that route...

Many of us try to stick to what's on trend when choosing what colors to wear, we want to look fashionable and keep things in season and nail polish is no exception. I have recently started trying to do my own manicures a little more detailed than I have in the past, using colors I normally wouldn't or even trying nail art that I have no idea how to do.

Did my nails and decided to try some new nail art techniques I recently saw on YouTube. I like the bow but the diamond is harder to do than it looked! #nails #nailart #mani #manicure #sparkle #glitter

Supplies I use when giving myself an at home mani are: cuticle remover by Sally Hansen, OPI Base Coat, Sinful Colors Top Coat, a little mini bottle of cuticle oil (can't remember the brand), nail files,clippers, nail polish remover (I'm pretty sure this is straight acetone) and a brush for cleanup and then the colors I was using for this particular mani.

I generally am not a fan of gold, but I really feel like gold is a fantastic color for fall and I think the gunmetal is a great color to compliment the gold. Plus, gunmetal is one of my all time favorite colors for my nails.

Some of the best fall colors I think are golds, oranges, yellows and I'm really loving metalics right now, here are a few by Julep that I think are absolutely perfect for fall.

This mani that I rocked last week is this bright cherry red by Essie called She's Pampered that came in my September Glossybox and Essie power clutch. I feel like this is a really strong, powerful mani and I gotta tell you I really felt extra confident with these nails. The formula of these Essie polishes are really nice and pretty opaque with the first coat but I have two coats plus a base and top coat.

My current mani I am OBSESSED with: navy and silver. OMG. I just cannot even handle how much I adore this combo!! Navy is Cover Girl Outlast Stay Brilliant in sapphire flare and the silver glitter is Julep Mila. I love love love this combination!!

What combinations are you loving for fall?

Thursday, October 9, 2014

That Friday Blog Hop

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Monday, October 6, 2014

We Eat Together

*I received samples of this product in exchange for my honest opinions. All opinions are 100% my own.

I was recently asked if I'd like to try a new product, a snack bar from a brand called simply - this bar saves lives.  I took a little time to look at their website and find out exactly what makes this brand different from the tons of other bars sold in stores.  The biggest thing is that this brand is focused on bringing awareness to the millions of people who die from malnutrition every year.

There is a startling fact that led the founders of This Bar Saves Lives (actors and activists Kristen Bell, Ryan Devlin, Todd Grinnell and Ravi Patel) to create this social enterprise: severe acute malnutrition leads to 2.6 million deaths per year. To put that in perspective, that's one child every 12 seconds. It's devastating – for those harmed, their families and their communities.

That’s where This Bar Saves Lives comes in. They're the makers of 3 delicious, non-GMO snack bars packed with superfoods. Whole Foods brought them in stores to bring awareness to their buy-one, give-one movement. For each bar you purchase, one life-saving packet of Plumpy'Nut®—a nutrient-rich paste—is donated to a malnourished child across the world.

I know, I'm not the poster child for activism but if I can easily help to support a cause just by choosing to purchase one type of snack for my family over another, you'd better believe I will.  Not to mention - these bars are freakin delish!

Each of us in my family likes a different flavor, which works out so that we don't have to fight over who gets which one.  ;)  This chocolate cherry one is Hannah's favorite, she says it reminds her of her favorite ice cream...

This one is my favorite, it just tastes so good I could eat them all day.  Yum.  

And this blueberry one is my husband's favorite...which doesn't come as a surprise to anyone in our house...that man could eat his weight in blueberries on a daily basis.  For real.  

Now, I'm sure y'all are salivating and wondering where you can find this bar saves lives...well friends, let me tell you, you can find these tasty treats at your local Whole Foods or you can buy online, or you can check this link to find a store near you that carries them.

So, let's recap:  on top of being totally delicious, you can also feel good about giving them to your family because they are non-GMO, they are gluten free and organic.  Additionally, you are helping those in need to get much needed food packs with every bar you purchase..win-win in my book.