Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Friends Come and Go....

But family lasts forever? I don't know if I really like this sentiment. I think that if you are choosing to surround yourself with the right friends, they should become like a second family or even a part of your existing family. I have friends who have come and gone in my life for sure, but if I really am honest about the relationships, they were not healthy to begin with, which is probably why they didn't last longer than a few years at a time. Now there are other friendships that have lasted more than 10 years (so far) that I think have grown and evolved over the years.

These friendships started out in my late teens around high school graduation time and of course there were bumps in the road between then and now, but for the most part all of the problems were just due to each of us growing up and learning more about ourselves and who were becoming than fighting because someone stole another's boyfriend or favorite sweatshirt.

I think that the people I choose to surround myself with at this point in my life are all people who I can learn from (and who I hope can learn from me). I know that the choices I am making today are different than the choices I would have made even 5 years ago, and a huge part of that is the current friends I am surrounded by. I hope that the same can be said of me. I hope that my friends feel their lives are better for having me in them. I hope that I challenge and push them to be better and wiser people and make better decisions for themselves as they do for me.

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