Saturday, April 5, 2008

100 Things About Me

So a friend of mine has challenged me to make a list of 100 (or more) things about me. I imagine I will probably have a hard time coming up with 100 things just about me, so lets we go!

1. I am a firstborn

2. I have one brother

3. I don't know anyone who goes by my same nickname

4. I share my birthday month with my mom, my daughter, my aunt, my cousin and my niece

5. I got married on Leap Day to honor my husbands grandparents

6. I have never worn braces

7. I have 2 tattoo's and want many more

8. I have 4 piercings (cartilage in both ears, nose and tongue)

9. I used to chart my fertility signs while trying to get pregnant with baby # 2

10. I am no longer trying to have more babies

11. I love all kinds of music, but my favorite is country

12. I enjoy watching Hannah Montana probably more than my daughter

13. I wish I was thin

14. I hardly ever wear makeup anymore

15. I have tons of high heels that I love but don't wear because I think I look ridiculous at my size wearing this gorgeous shoes

16. I am insecure

17. I love hockey

18. I wish I owned a house

19. I wish I had 2 brand new cars

20. I wish we could afford to travel...a lot

21. I have thought about going back to work

22. I love my PhoenixMommies

23. I hate bugs

24. I love shopping..any kind of shopping

25. I don't mind doing laundry, but I hate putting it all away

26. I am anal about the dishes...I hate it when Sean tries to help with them

27. I hate to dust...

28. I love to read

29. My hair is naturally curly

30. I love being on the internet

31. I love photography

32. I love to cook

33. I enjoy writing

34. I was 22 when I got my drivers license

35. I love me some Pepsi

36. My favorite place I have vacationed is St Lucia

37. I have lived in 5 states

38. I was home schooled

39. I still bite my nails occasionally

40. I collect pens

41. I love to scrapbook but haven't had the time to do it in almost 1 year

42. I want a make over

43. My best friend is a convicted felon

44. I have never been arrested

45. I have gotten quite a few speeding tickets, but none since I have been married

46. I still love having birthday parties

47. I am totally loving my 30's

48. I cannot play any instruments and I am ok with that

49. I am a Christian but I don't believe that I have to go to church to be a good Christian or good person

50. I really do have health issues that prevent me from being able to drop weight and in fact cause me to gain more weight even when I am dieting and exercising

51. I am looking into getting Gastric Bypass surgery

52. I detest Max and Ruby

53. I need a pedicure in the worst way

54. I love the smell of Sean's deodorant

55. I love the feel of fresh clean sheets

56. I do not shave my legs or pits every day

57. I brush my teeth 2ce a day

58. I don't ever freaks me out

59. I need more dental work but can't afford it

60. My hands are so dry they are cracking

61. I am addicted to 'reality tv'

62. I wish I could sew better

63. I love my family

64. I love jewelry

65. I haven't been to a mall in months

66. I love Paula Deen

67. I am nervous around new people

68. I don't like having my pictures taken

69. I miss old friends

70. I want to open an ebay store but I don't have time

71. I love my new cell phone (LG Rumour)

72. I love looking at other peoples photographs

73. I am loyal to a fault

74. I am outspoken and opinionated

75. I hate popcorn

76. I love chocolate

77. I miss my grandpa

78. I cannot play sports to save my life

79. I am a self taught photographer/photoshopper

80. I love playing on the Wii

81. I hate playing board games

82. I have never played Bunco

83. I filed bankruptcy 5 years ago

84. I used to work for a bar

85. I helped build Sugar Daddy's in Scottsdale

86. I do not like Rachel Ray's talk show

87. I love going to comedy shows at the Tempe Improv

88. I love teppan yaki

89. I have no desire to to try to impress anyone anymore

90. I love story time at the library with Hannah

91. I am jealous of Barbie's make up in Island Princess

92. I love getting my hair done but don't have it done nearly often enough

93. I think I want to move out of state on some days but then I chicken out

94. I want plastic surgery

95. I wish my husband had a better paying job

96. I have a lot of friends, but only a few really close friends by choice

97. I wish I had a better relationship with my little brother

98. I don't want Hillary or Obama as our President

99. I voted for Mitt Romney

100. I love mexican food

101. I wish I could save more money when I grocery shop

Man, that was really harder than I thought it would be!


  1. wow wow, wtg!!! I don't want to do that!!! lol

  2. I'm impressed. We are a lot alike! :)

  3. Very interesting! We have a LOT in common...paula deen, needing a pedicure, tattoo's, country music, collecting pens and scrapbooking etc etc. How very cool!



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