Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The LG Rumor

We got new cell phones a couple of months ago after being with Nextel for 4 years. After researching all the different cell phone companies and plans and new phones we switched over from Nextel to Sprint. I know, big change! Yeah, since they are the same company now, we didn't have to pay deposits or anything and they had the phones we wanted.

So we both ended up getting the LG Rumor


I love my new phone! I have never loved a piece of electronic equipment the way I love this phone! It has a slider with a full keypad...that makes texting SO much easier! A built in camera/video recorder and an MP3 player! I had completely forgotten that it had the MP3 until tonight!! What rock have I been living under?! So my adoring husband loaded me up with some Sir MixAlot, 50 Cent, Snoop Dogg....along with some Kenny Chesney and Leanne Rhimes smilies !

So if you see my driving along jammin out you will know why! I am boppin along to my new tunes!


  1. LMAO You are too funny, I think we both need lives =D

  2. that's what the hubs and I are getting come upgrade time in June


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