Friday, April 18, 2008

Meeting New Friends

You know, I used to be a really social person! Up until the last 2 years. Now, I get really nervous and have a ton of anxiety about meeting new people. Fortunately this hasn't rubbed off on Hannah!

We try to take Hannah out to the pool every day. She loves to swim and just loves being outside, and its good fun for us as well. Usually its only Sean that takes her out just because if there are people out there already, I tend to stay inside. But last night, I decided to go out with them and there were 2 older (as in older than me, but not older as in OLD) women. They were very nice and we all chatted in the hot tub and it was nice. As we were leaving Hannah says, 'mama, you made some new friends! Wasn't that fun'!

I really could learn from Hannah and her openness and willingness to meet new friends!


  1. New friends are fun! I've recently made a few and they are GREAT! Here's to many more!!!

  2. I know what you mean about being nervous around new people. I am like that too, but I must cover it by excessive talking... HA

  3. i hear that course I have never been one to just go up and start talking i'm the shy type and thankfully my kids aren't lol


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