Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Fight The Good Fight

I know everyone struggles with different things at different times, but it seems like most of the people around me are struggling with their weight big time. I know I am. So instead of being lazy, I am taking control, one step at a time!

I have started walking at the mall with a few friends, one time a week. Once I am good with that, I will add another day. Small baby steps here people, that is what everyone always says and I am finally listening!

Portion sizes are also getting smaller and smaller in our house. I know that the combination of no exercise and the huge portions that we are all used to now is a big contributing factor to my weight problem. The other thing is slowly cutting out soda. I am really going to miss that one. I really enjoy me some pepsi!

But I am ready to get healthy, and deal with the issues that surround my weight issues, so on that note, I am off to get ready to head to my mall walk!

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  1. This is an awesome thing you're doing Chrissy. Just remember everything is OK in moderation. I also love pop but try to limit to one a day or even those mini can's they make!
    Good Luck!!


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