Wednesday, May 7, 2008

My Wish List

I thought I would start a wish list. Things that I would either like to do or have. What would be on your wish list?

Be at a healthy weight

Get Lasik so I don't have to wear glasses all the time

Own a home

Be independently wealthy =)

Live a long happy healthy life with my family and friends close by

Go on a cruise in the Mediterranean

Go back to a Sandals Resort for a vacation

I think this is a really good start and I am going to be updating this occasionally, as I start wishing for more things hopefully I will be crossing others off the list as having come to pass! I encourage all of you to do the same!

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  1. Oh these are great! Good for you, writing down your goals is the first step to accomplishing them :)

    Also remember how much you love me when you are independantely wealthy LOL!


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