Sunday, June 29, 2008

What Happened?

Man, I feel like these last few months have just totally blown by and I have no idea what happened to them! I know that I was busy, but busy with what? That is the question and your guess is as good as mine right now.

I haven't had any time to do any photography, which really bums me out. I miss it terribly and I feel like I have just fallen so far behind on everything I was doing and learning in that area. Time to get on it again!

I haven't scrapbooked a single page in literally MONTHS! Just don't usually feel like lugging all of my stuff out to the table, getting all set up only to be interrupted by a 3 and a half year old wanting to 'help' me scrap.

I have been getting back into reading again, but that was mainly when I had no internet so nothing to occupy all my lazy downtime. Ha! Like there is a bunch of that to go around...I am reading the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer at the moment. Really good. I am more than halfway through the first book and have bought all three in the series (4th hasn't come out yet) just so I have them.

On the bright side though, my house is cleaner and more organized than its been in a while since I have been so busy, I decided to get myself back on my cleaning schedule. It does help a ton to know that I don't have to clean the entire house everyday. I break it into manageable bits and it all gets done.

I have been walking once a week with PhoenixMommies. Going to events a couple of times a week and that has been nice for both me and Hannah to get out of the house and around other humans. lol.

We took a day trip on Thursday since Sean was off work. We decided we all needed a mental health day as we like to call them in our house. Took a road trip up highway 89A through Jerome AZ. That was interesting! Sean doesn't much like driving on windy roads that are on the side of a mountain. That is exactly where Jerome AZ is!! If you haven't ever been, its a really old little town that the whole thing is literally built on the side of a mountain. We kept driving on 89A until we got to Sedona. Where we encountered more road construction (every highway we had been on had road construction going on). So we sat again in traffic. A trip that should have only taken 2 hours took 4. We finally get past the construction and we decided we were going to go to this Trout farm in Oak Creek Canyon where my parents had taken me and my brother when we were growing up. You can fish for the trout, and then relax and play in the creek. Well, there were these signs up everywhere saying 'no creek access'. So, Sean asked the guy, why can't we get in the creek? The guy looks at him and says, 'we have had a huge problem this year with snakes in the water'. OMG! Get me the hell out of there. Snakes don't usually bother me. Until you mention they are in the water. Then I flip. No way no how. So we went shopping in Sedona and had lunch instead.

It was a great time and just to get out of the city for the day was the escape I had been needing. We got home and had dinner then went swimming then we all crashed for the night. I think we all slept really well that night! lol

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  1. since you're into reading, I might suggest 'The Book of Mom', I just finished it and while it is fiction, it was like at points I was reading my own life. I really enjoyed it.

    And good for you for getting out of the city. We hope to do that too when my parents are here!


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