Sunday, July 27, 2008

Bad Mommy Weekend...

This has been a horrible mommy weekend. First off, Hannah is sick right now with a cold. I have a feeling it will turn into croup before all is said and done just like the last several colds she has had. Well yesterday she was playing in the living room and had gotten out a set of measuring spoons. She then threw them on the floor and forgot about them (as did I). Until, she slipped and fell on them and tore her knee open. Blood everywhere. She is screaming, I am nauseous at the sight of my child's blood. I rush her into the bathroom, put her up on the counter and start running water over the knee to see how bad it really is. Its bad. There is a flap of skin hanging there. OMG. Nauseous. Can't handle touching the area, my bones hurt because she is hurting. I somehow manage to get her all cleaned up and bandaged without completely losing it myself. Sean calls a while later I tell him what happened and he says I need to take the bandage off and clean it again and rebandage it. Oh. HELL. NO. He said I have to so that we make sure it doesn't get infected. Sweet LORD man. And of course, he won't be home for HOURS still so I HAVE to do it. Ugh. So off we go again to the bathroom to wash it out and put a clean bandage. Hannah of course fighting me because it hurts like a son of a BLEEP. Finally it is done and she is calmed down. The rest of the night went by fine. Then today because she has this cold, I have been giving her some decongestant once during the day to help her breathe better. Well this afternoon I go get her some meds, pour it in the little cup and bring it out to her. I had left the cap undone and the bottle on the counter in the bathroom knowing that I needed to come right back in there to rinse the cup and put the bottle away. So I give her the medicine, then the phone rings, then I see all the dishes in the sink so I go and start doing the dishes. Next thing I know, Hannah is bringing me the EMPTY bottle of decongestant. O.M.G. That means that she DRANK THE REST OF THE BOTTLE. Oh, and have I mentioned I am at home today with NO CAR or CARSEAT. Yeah. So I flip and text Sean to have him call me and tell me what to look for. Thankfully there really wasn't that much left in the bottle, one more dose and that was it, so she only got a double dose, but still. OMG. So now I get to spend the next several hours paying close attention to her heart rate, if she is sweating or hyper and fidgeting. Those should be the only side effects the doctors in the ER says to look out for. Since there was only 1 dose left in the bottle it shouldn't be anything to worry about. Ugh.


  1. Scary scary! Hope she's better. I'm sorry I never called or anything. When we got up here cell phones quit, house phone no long distance and no internet. I was adrift with no national contact. I'm safe, healthy and posted a small update in my blog!

  2. I've also had that happened, Audrey ate like 4 extra Tylenol meltaways. Boy did I feel like a loser when I called the doc...Hang in there!

  3. Meg glad to hear you all are safe and sound! I was wondering!

    Danielle yeah I felt horrible. Glad to hear I am not the only one with bad mommy days. lol


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