Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Kids Eat Free on Wednesday!

So we had an event today for PhoenixMommies in my area group (North West Valley). We decided to head over to the Chick Fil-A by Arrowhead mall so that us moms could get out of the house and socialize and let the kids get a good healthy lunch (for free with the purchase of an adult meal) and then play in the kids play area.

Hannah and I got there just a few minutes after 11 and there were only a few other moms and kids (not from our group) there eating. We got our lunches and went and sat to eat. A few minutes later the place was packed and a total madhouse! Soon after that a friend from PM joined me with 4 of her 5 kids (Thanks again Lynnette!) and we got to sit and chat while the kids went and played. Yay for mommy time!

I really like going to CFA even if its crazy busy like it always is on Kids Eat Free day, its just nice to get out, get a deal and let Hannah burn off some energy with other kids!


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