Monday, July 28, 2008

Move or Paint?

We live in a nice 3 bedroom apartment in North Peoria, we love the neighborhood, the complex and our neighbors. We haven't ever had any problems here and we absolutely love the actual apartment...with one exception, we have kind of outgrown it. So we found out that there are some 4 bedrooms available in the complex and decided to go take a look. The 4 bedroom is 100 sq ft bigger than what we have now, but the layout makes it actually seem at least 100 sq ft smaller! Plus, the only 4 bedrooms available are all WEST facing windows and as my peeps who live in the PHX know, west facing windows in the PHX are a big HELL NO! The rooms are all smaller than our current 3 bedrooms, plus the kitchen has way less counter and cabinet space than our current apt. We have decided to stay put in the smaller, but better laid out 3 bedroom. So since we are staying here for another couple of years (already been here 2 years) we are going to paint! Woohoooo! Stay tuned for paint colors....


  1. Yay paint!!!! I'm going to look into paint myself.....when I go to a store that has paint.......which is almost 2 hours, it's going to be awhile!

  2. How fun! Most apartments won't let you paint. That is cool.

  3. Speaking from experience here since I just painted ALL the rooms in our house just last week, Painting makes a HUGE difference!! Have lots of fun picking out colors!


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