Saturday, July 26, 2008

Work Work Work

Here we are another weekend and again, Sean is working. I am starting to really hate that he doesn't have a regular M-F 8-5 type job. He works almost everyday picking up OT and when he works he leaves the house at 6am and doesn't get home til 8pm. That makes for a very long day for him and very little time for him to spend with Hannah. That is what bothers me the most is that Hannah is missing him. I can deal with it for myself, but in her 3 year old mind, she doesn't quite get WHY daddy has to be at the hospital so much...So we have started looking for other jobs for him...and me. Life is just to much playing catch up and trying to make ends meet these days and there is never anything left over to actually have some fun and enjoy our time together. I am looking at getting into Non Profit Management now that I have been doing that on a volunteer basis for a year with TMN. It has been a great resume booster, but now I am ready to start getting paid. I will still keep on my PhoenixMommies and TMN stuff, but I just have to start bringing in some cash. Unfortunately with gas, food, rent and everything else going up except for INCOME well it just gets even worse in the making ends meet dept. Anyway, hopefully we will find some work that we enjoy and pays well and start actually enjoying the down time!

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