Thursday, August 28, 2008

Crazy Weekend

We have got a crazy weekend planned! First there is finishing the move, we are down to just a bathroom/kitchen and furniture left here in the apartment. We are getting the moving truck late in the afternoon on Saturday to move the rest of the big stuff out. So we will be finally moved and living at the new house as of Saturday night! Then, all day Sunday and all day Monday is wedding stuff. My little brother is getting married on Monday! So Sunday is the salon day for all of us girls to get our nails done and all that, then from there we head to the rehearsal and then from there the rehearsal dinner. Then on Monday, its a salon day to get hair done before the wedding, then a limo ride to the location and getting dressed, and pictures and all the frenzy of stuff that happens before a wedding. I am going to be taking some pictures for my portfolio so I am excited about that, batteries are charging as I type! So...the next time I blog will be from my new house and my brother will no longer be a bachelor! Toodles!


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