Sunday, August 17, 2008

Taking A Break From Packing

Have you ever noticed how no matter how hard you try to rid your life and home of the clutter that seemingly just comes from no where, it is still always there?! I try and go through Hannah's closet and dresser each season to get rid of the clothes she has outgrown or things she just never wears. I am good about doing her clothes/shoes. I usually get to our clothes and shoes once maybe twice a year. We always end up getting rid of about 6-8 large garbage bags worth of clothes that don't fit or we just don't wear.

When it comes to going through toys and other just 'stuff' that we accumulate throughout the year, I am horrible. I just get overwhelmed at the sheer volume of crap that is stashed about the house. Now, don't get me wrong, I live in a 3 bedroom apartment that has absolutely NO storage, so I really don't have alot of places to 'stash' stuff, but we have tubs full of just stuff that if were up to me, I would probably chuck half of it. Maybe this is my chance to finally get Sean to see the light...

So I am now taking a break from the decluttering portion of packing. I am going through all the closets / dressers / cabinets and doing piles of give-away stuff and throw away stuff and pack stuff. Lucky for me, the trash and give away piles are leading the pack pile. So we won't be doing as much packing and that is a good thing in my book!

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  1. Do it, Do it now BEFORE you move. We didn't do it before we moved from Tennessee and lucked all our extra crap with us. Now I have boxes of crap that I just avoid...


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