Sunday, August 10, 2008

Trip to The ER

You know, for having a husband who works in the ER, we very rarely have to use its services ourselves. Yesterday, Sean was working and he came home last night and was limping quite badly. As the night went on, he was getting worse. By the time we went to bed it was really bad. At 430 this morning, Sean woke up in agony. So he called out since he was supposed to work today and we all got up and loaded up for a trip to the ER as a patient. Luckily early morning like that is the best time to go to the ER and it helps too that he works there so he gets special treatment. We got in right away and got into a room. The doc came in soon after and said he wanted to do an xray. So off Sean went while Hannah and I sat and watched cartoons. After they brought him back from the xray it was about an hour before the doc came back with the news that while nothing was broken, he was concerned with the swelling and pain, so he wants Sean to stay out of work until our PCP clears him to go back. He said if the swelling and pain don't start to go away that will probably mean an MRI and knee scope to figure out what could be wrong. His guess is a pulled tendon or something of the sort. So, Sean is off work for at least a week until we can get into our regular doc to see what he says. Hopefully its nothing serious enough to warrant surgery and he can go back to light duty at the hospital after resting it. Until then, he is on painkillers and wearing a knee immobilizer. Fun times...

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