Friday, September 5, 2008

School Has Officially Started

Most people know that I was home-schooled from 8th grade through graduation of high school and that we have decided to home-school Hannah, so for those who didn't know, now you do!

So we officially started school today now that we are moved in and things are getting organized. I have a closet that is setup with all of the school stuff and craft things.

Each week I am going to be doing a 'theme of the week' where we will learn specifically about things relating to that theme. We will go on field trips, cook certain foods, read certain books from the library all relating to that theme.

So since we started today, and today is Friday we just did a simple color page with the letter A and then a tracing page with tracing the letter A in both lowercase and capital.

I am trying to put together my 'lesson plan' for next week that is relating to A and a theme. Any ideas?


  1. apple - pie, crisp, tart, and the plain fruit. ant, anteater, angora - most local yarn stores should (!) have at least some angora yarn. (rabbit, and really really nice yarn)

  2. Great ideas Meg!! Thanks! I was thinking along the same lines of the apple and baking a pie and stuff like that.

  3. Try this site!


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