Monday, September 8, 2008


We have been unpacking little by little since we moved in a week ago (has it really ONLY been one week?). Our rooms are really mostly done, just a few little things to hang on the walls, the bathroom is mostly done, with the exception of one box. Its the kitchen I have been dreading...we had literally probably 8 boxes of kitchen stuff (dishes, pots, pans, all the kitchen utensils...). So today while Sean had the day off we decided to tackle the kitchen.

I am really glad that we did! I feel like I am cooking in my own kitchen again. We didn't get rid of all of gramma's stuff, but we have the majority of our stuff in use because lets face it, I got married 4 years ago and gramma got married in 1955, her stuff has seen better days. She has some stuff that has been bought in the last 10 years, but again, my stuff is newer and in better condition and was better stuff to begin with. (hello, Pampered Chef bridal shower anyone?!).

So I am feeling more at home here in my new home and that is a really great feeling, finally!

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