Thursday, October 30, 2008

3 going on 30

Hannah's birthday is fast approaching and she will be turning 4, however, she acts more like a teenager already. She must have gloss before leaving the house. She has to carry her purse with cell phone, gloss and sunglasses. She has more shoes than I do! The comments that have been flying out of her mouth lately are a lot of things that she obviously picks up from me, but try as I might to not laugh when she says them, I never quite pull that off!

So, some of her most recent zingers...

'what the hell are they building over there'? - This was in reference to the new Dial building on Scottsdale and 101 as we drove past to meet up with Papa at Lonsdales Cigar Bar.

'where the hell are we'? - This was said to Sean as we drove home from his bday dinner back in July.

'what the hell is that thing doing there'? - In reference to a Coca Cola Trailer outside the WalMart.

So I ask you, what the hell is going on around here?! lmao!

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