Friday, October 24, 2008


Ok, so as you all know by now, we have moved into my gramma's house and the previous tenants ( I use the word tenants very loosely) totally trashed the place. They didn't fix or take care of anything and just....well, trashed the place. Case in point, the mailbox. The first pic is what the mailbox looked like when we moved in. The posts are all coming un-nailed (is that even a word?) and the house numbers are falling off and missing, the mailbox itself won't even was a wreck.


Then, we got ahold of things and for about $10 and a little elbow grease, this is what it looks like now...


aahhh, can't you just feel a difference looking at the two? I mean, its unreal. It makes the whole house feel less trashy!

Stay tuned for more fix - it - up projects before and afters!


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