Sunday, October 19, 2008

Rambling ...

Ok, I am so overwhelmed. We recently moved in with my 74 year old gramma to help care for her and take care of the house. She is in early stage dementia as well as other health issues. As if that isn't enough of a full time job, my MIL is now moving here from Iowa to move in with us because she is just not able to care for herself alone anymore (she is 69). She is supposed to move out here next Saturday. Friday evening we got a call from MIL's sister telling us that MIL has been admitted to the University of IA hospital after a routine cat scan showed fluid on her brain. So my DH called the number his aunt gave him and talked to mom. Then he talked to a nurse and told her to keep us informed as he is her medical power of attorney. They called us a couple of hours later to tell us that they are doing an MRI to try and see what is causing the fluid on her brain.

Now to backtrack a bit with MIL, she has had cancer 3 times. The most recent was just over a year ago. It was a recurrence of sinus cancer that she had about 5 years ago. She had asked for our opinion on what she should do a year ago and we asked her to fight it. Do chemo for a while to see if that would take care of it because for other reasons she cannot have surgery because she would stroke out and die on the table and she has had too much radiation from previous cancers that she cannot have more. So chemo was our only option. She did chemo for several months and it showed that the tumor wasn't changing so she stopped. They did routine scans to see what the tumor was doing and for the first couple of scans it did nothing. Wasn't growing at all so they didn't do anything. So that brings us to now. They did the MRI and found that the tumor has indeed been growing since the last scan and is now putting pressure on the base of her brain and causing the fluid and swelling of the brain.

So we are at the point now of figuring out the best way to get her from Iowa to Arizona and continue her care here as she is refusing all treatment. We are hoping to get her on hospice either today or tomorrow. We have talked to her doctor yesterday and asked them to get the ball rolling to get all the paperwork started and all of that.

I guess I just need prayer right now. I know that caring for one older person with dementia and other issues is hard, but two? I must be out of my ever lovin mind. I am trying to keep it all together, but I also recognize I need to take care of me or I will be no good to anyone, most importantly my 4 year old daughter. if you could, please keep me and my family in your thoughts and prayers...we sure do need it. Thanks for reading all this!


  1. YOU can do all things through Christ who gives you strength. phil 4:13

    Write it on every wall of every room. Wear it on your heart and remember that God is right there beside you. All too often, I find myself overwhelmed with the what if's instead of the right nows. Living in the Right now is much easier than the what if's. Live for this moment, right now. Then the next and the next as they come. You are a strong woman Chrissy and you will come through even this. Lay all the worries and uncertaintly at his feet. Give it to him a hundred times a day if you have to. He's in control, so let go of the control and give it to Him.

    I do not know where that came from but the words poured out of my fingers and so, I'm leaving them. I hope I don't upset you with them, that isnt my intention.

    Hugs sweetie. Keep your chin up and just keep smilin. You have a heart of gold. Taking care of one ill person is tough, let alone two plus your family. You are amazing. An amazing wonderful woman. Never forget that.

    You, your mother in law, your grandma and your entire family for that matter will be in my prayers. Kiss sweet Hannah for me.


  2. So sorry to hear about all that is going on!!! You guys and your MIL will be in my thoughts and prayers. Hang in there and let me know if you need to vent!

  3. Thanks Shelly and Danielle, I appreciate all the encouraging words. It means a lot to know I have so much support.


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