Tuesday, October 28, 2008

So Not A Walk

In the park!! We got to the park at about 1030 this morning, it was a gorgeous 80 degrees. We met up with our friends from PM, and Gramma and MIL went and sat in the shade and were chatting.

After a while, MIL and GMA got up and started walking off to a ramada area and were complaining that it was too hot and their brains were cooking. So I can't win by staying indoors with them, they complain about the inactivity. I also can't win by taking them to the park to either sit and talk or walk or whatever they want to do while Hannah plays.

So we came home and now everyone is relaxing and I am worn out. Tomorrow is the library, lets hope they won't be able to find anything to complain about at that outing.

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