Friday, October 10, 2008

Times Are Changing Again

So...the last time I wrote was only a couple of weeks ago, but oh so much has happened. Let's start with the least life altering...I took a new position with The Mommies Network ( to find a mommies - or dads - site in your area ;)). I am no longer and NA (network admin) I am now on the Site Salvage Team. Basically sites either succeed or fail in the first 6 months whether due to lack of commitment from the Site Admin or because she had some personal crisis and she can't follow through with building the site. So the SST comes in and takes over the site and turns it around. So, I have taken on 3 failing sites as the Interim Site Admin and its my job to turn the site around and make it successful, or deem it dead within 3 months and TMN closes it completely. I have Wichita, KS; Boise, ID; and Indianapolis, IN. Wish me luck!

Now, for the life altering MIL is moving out here in 2 weeks to live with us. Yes. This means I will now be the caregiver for my 74 year old Gramma and my 69 year old Mother In Law. Things are a bit stressful around here right now with trying to get the house ready for our new roommate, but we really feel this is in the best interest of everyone.

Anywho, in other news, I have cast my ballot already for this election coming up in November. Thank God. Now if all the political ads would just quit. I am so sick of hearing about it.

We got Hannah's costume for Halloween tonight, she will be a bunny/princess. She couldn't make up her mind and didn't want to wear the bunny costume without the princess skirt, so we are improvising and she is the Bunny Princess.

We planted the first thing in our new vegetable garden today, so excited! Our tomato plant! Will show pics in another post. We are hoping to get carrots, broccoli and a few other things planted soon in our new garden. We are also becoming more 'green' than I ever imagined I would become. We recycle, we compost, we don't use paper towels anymore, we garden to grow our own vegies...insane I know.


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