Monday, October 13, 2008

Told Ya....

See how much things are changing with me lately, its only been like 3 days since my last blog and already things are almost completely different than they were before!

The newest changes are that I retired from The Mommies Network. I decided I had way too much going on in my personal life right now to worry about climbing ladders and building a resume right now. So I am still the SA for PhoenixMommies, but I no longer hold any other positions for TMN. I feel really relieved. I was so overwhelmed, but I knew that something had to give and this was the only thing that could.

Anyway, had a Maternity shoot today ( I will be posting the pics on my other blog!) and have a family / couple/ nursing session this coming Sunday. So I will now get to spend a lot more time on my photography...hopefully!


  1. ...And I still love you. ;) What are friends for?!?! Eh?

    Keep your head up girl. You want to watch for flying shoes that are coming your way soon. (enter MIL here. lol.) Oh wait ... that is MY life. LMAO!

  2. Oh hunny! I'm soooo glad that you made this decision, even though I'm sure it was a hard one. Like you said, you need to think about you and your family!!! Miss you mama! XOXOXOXO Amy


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