Monday, October 20, 2008

Update On MIL

So, we talked to the Neurosurgeon this morning. MIL has 2 tumors. One is a solid mass the other is a fluid filled cyst like mass. They want to aspirate the fluid filled one with a GPS guided needle. They said that will hopefully relieve some of the pressure and swelling in her brain. They want to do that either tomorrow or Wednesday. Then keep her a day or two to observe her and then she will be discharged and he would prefer she fly out here as opposed to driving.

So at this point we are still looking at her getting here Saturday.

Now, we are just needing to get her care transferred probably to Barrow or Mayo but most likely Barrow since this is all linked to neuro stuff.

She is getting her hospice consult today as well so hopefully we can get her on that quickly. She doesn't want treatment of the solid mass at all, only is getting the treatment of this cyst like one to try and alleviate the pressure and some of her symptoms.

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