Monday, October 27, 2008

What Do You Do

With an MIL that you have not much in common with? Sean has to work the next 3 days straight and that leaves me with MIL and Gramma and Hannah. Alone. HELP!!!

I have thought about taking a trip to the library, but I want to save that for Wednesday because that is when there is a storytime. I am just at a loss. Maybe I will suggest going to the park, Hannah can play and the rest of us can enjoy some time out in the fresh air and sunshine.



  1. Hmmm....what about some kids games like Candyland or hi ho cheery o or something like that? That would involve Hannah with Gramma and MIL doing something fun.
    The park is always a good option as well.
    What about doing some baking together? Like cut out cookies?
    Sorry I'm probably not much help...

  2. lol, those are good ideas! I just did a calendar for the month and put a park day, library day and mall day. then the rest of the time will just be open to whatever. Thanks for the suggestions! I like the games and the baking too!


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