Thursday, August 28, 2008

Crazy Weekend

We have got a crazy weekend planned! First there is finishing the move, we are down to just a bathroom/kitchen and furniture left here in the apartment. We are getting the moving truck late in the afternoon on Saturday to move the rest of the big stuff out. So we will be finally moved and living at the new house as of Saturday night! Then, all day Sunday and all day Monday is wedding stuff. My little brother is getting married on Monday! So Sunday is the salon day for all of us girls to get our nails done and all that, then from there we head to the rehearsal and then from there the rehearsal dinner. Then on Monday, its a salon day to get hair done before the wedding, then a limo ride to the location and getting dressed, and pictures and all the frenzy of stuff that happens before a wedding. I am going to be taking some pictures for my portfolio so I am excited about that, batteries are charging as I type! So...the next time I blog will be from my new house and my brother will no longer be a bachelor! Toodles!

Monday, August 25, 2008

All Painting Is Complete!

I am so happy to say that ALL of the painting at both the apartment and new house is totally complete. Well ok, not totally complete, but complete enough that we can move furniture in. The only thing left to paint is the bathroom and obviously, that doesn't have to be done to move our furniture in.

We painted 3 rooms including closets today. Started around 10 and finished around 6. I am sore and tired, Sean is tired and sore. Hannah is just crabby. Huge thank you to Amy for helping us to paint that one room today! You Rock Amy!

Sunday, August 24, 2008


I have a confession to make. I hate painting. Despise it really. I love the way it looks after its done, but I hate doing the actual painting. That is what I am doing today. We finished repainting Hannah's bathroom last night so its done, but now today I am working on the one wall in Hannah's room that we had painted a pale blue about a year ago. I am having to do 2 coats to cover the pale blue. I didn't think we would need to primer it since the blue is so light. Wrong. So I am done with the bottom third of the wall and had to take a break cuz my everything hurts. lol. I will get Hannah some lunch and then get back to the painting and get it done....

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Still Packing....

We have completed all of the packing and cleaning at the new house, the carpets are being cleaned tomorrow and then we can paint after that. Then once the painting is done and dried we can start moving our furniture and stuff next week! Yay!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

So Much Work

We have started the process of moving all of my cousin and aunts stuff out of gramma's house and cleaning the house before we move any of our stuff in. Things are pretty slow going at this point though. They have so damn much stuff and we are having to pack it all and move it to the garage, then from the garage it will go to storage. We are starting to clean everything and then we will start moving things in hopefully this weekend...I am tired already!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Taking A Break From Packing

Have you ever noticed how no matter how hard you try to rid your life and home of the clutter that seemingly just comes from no where, it is still always there?! I try and go through Hannah's closet and dresser each season to get rid of the clothes she has outgrown or things she just never wears. I am good about doing her clothes/shoes. I usually get to our clothes and shoes once maybe twice a year. We always end up getting rid of about 6-8 large garbage bags worth of clothes that don't fit or we just don't wear.

When it comes to going through toys and other just 'stuff' that we accumulate throughout the year, I am horrible. I just get overwhelmed at the sheer volume of crap that is stashed about the house. Now, don't get me wrong, I live in a 3 bedroom apartment that has absolutely NO storage, so I really don't have alot of places to 'stash' stuff, but we have tubs full of just stuff that if were up to me, I would probably chuck half of it. Maybe this is my chance to finally get Sean to see the light...

So I am now taking a break from the decluttering portion of packing. I am going through all the closets / dressers / cabinets and doing piles of give-away stuff and throw away stuff and pack stuff. Lucky for me, the trash and give away piles are leading the pack pile. So we won't be doing as much packing and that is a good thing in my book!

Saturday, August 16, 2008


What a difference a couple of days makes! At last blog on Wednesday, we were just getting Sean back to work after his knee injury. Well a bunch of family drama has gone on since then and it is way too long and complicated to get into it. But, so much has happened and we are moving in to my gramma's house to help care for her and of course the house. We have started to pack up and all of that. We are giving our 30 days notice to the complex on Monday and will hopefully start moving stuff into gramma's house by the middle of this coming week.

I will keep you posted, but if you don't hear from me for a bit, this is why!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Released For Work

Sean had his doctors appt with the Ortho today who released him for work! YAY! He said that there is still some fluid on/in the joint so it should clear up on its own the way it has already been doing. He has to go back in one month to check on everything. So Sean is at the hospital now dealing with Employee Health Services to get everything cleared so he can return to his schedule.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

5 Year Plan

How many of you have a 5 year plan? What kinds of things do you want to accomplish in the next few years? Are you satisfied where you are in life? What are you doing to get where you want to be in life?

All of these questions are swirling around my head right now with the prospect of Sean getting this job for a year in Iraq. It would be absolutely the best thing financially for us right now and would open the door to so many more positive changes for the years to come. We would be able to pay off all of our debt, plus put money in savings. I would be able to get some things taken care of here at home while he is away. It would set us up to be a great financial place when he comes home so that he could start Nursing School right away, which will be so much better for us.

We are going to sit down and come up with a 'dream book' or a goal book about what we want to accomplish in the next 5 years and what we need to do to get where we want to be in life.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Trip to The ER

You know, for having a husband who works in the ER, we very rarely have to use its services ourselves. Yesterday, Sean was working and he came home last night and was limping quite badly. As the night went on, he was getting worse. By the time we went to bed it was really bad. At 430 this morning, Sean woke up in agony. So he called out since he was supposed to work today and we all got up and loaded up for a trip to the ER as a patient. Luckily early morning like that is the best time to go to the ER and it helps too that he works there so he gets special treatment. We got in right away and got into a room. The doc came in soon after and said he wanted to do an xray. So off Sean went while Hannah and I sat and watched cartoons. After they brought him back from the xray it was about an hour before the doc came back with the news that while nothing was broken, he was concerned with the swelling and pain, so he wants Sean to stay out of work until our PCP clears him to go back. He said if the swelling and pain don't start to go away that will probably mean an MRI and knee scope to figure out what could be wrong. His guess is a pulled tendon or something of the sort. So, Sean is off work for at least a week until we can get into our regular doc to see what he says. Hopefully its nothing serious enough to warrant surgery and he can go back to light duty at the hospital after resting it. Until then, he is on painkillers and wearing a knee immobilizer. Fun times...

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Flower Girl

We are off today to Scottsdale to pick up Hannah's dress for the wedding (which is like 3 weeks away). She will be fitted and all that good stuff and I am hoping and praying that the dress just fits her perfectly and won't need any alterations because, lets face it, I am not made of money. Yep I went there. So, hopefully we will be leaving with the adorable dress in hand and Hannah won't outgrow the dress over the next 3 weeks before its time for the big event.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

And this makes 30

The blog challenge is still going with one week left and I have completed the 30 blogs in 30 days! Yay! Between this blog and my photog. blog I have the 30 blogs done a week ahead of time!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Drs Appt Today

Here is my PSA for Skin Cancer...Please go have any moles that have either changed shape/color or look raised or are bleeding checked out by your doctor!! A friend of mine did this recently (after beating Breast Cancer) and discovered two separate areas of concern. They turned out to be very serious with her doctors calling them melanoma or almost melanoma. I have had a spot on my shoulder for a while that is almost black and very ragged edges. If you look at some pictures of what melanoma looks like, it looks exactly like this spot on my shoulder. I am going today for my doctor to look at it. So, especially being that we live in the desert and spend so much time outside, please go to your doctor if you have any moles that look odd.

Monday, August 4, 2008


Wow is all I can say...I just finished Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer and it was amazing. I have seriously never been so completely taken with a book and its characters. I bawled through the last several chapters and I am wanting more...but there is no more! Man. If you have not read these books yet, you are truly missing out.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Bridal Shower

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My little brother is getting married in one month and yesterday was the shower for my future SIL (sister in law). It was a great time with lots of fun and laughter and of course some mimosas!

Lindsay got lots of great lingerie that I am sure my brother will appreciate(AHHHH!). Mendy and Mahayla did a really great job hostessing and everything was beautiful!

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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Breaking Dawn

My husband is so good to me! The fourth book in the Twilight series came out at midnight last night and my hubby went and stood in line at Walmart to buy it for me as soon as it went on sale! Luckily there were not too many people in the line so he got home about 10 minutes after midnight with my book! Its in hardback and I took the book cover off and the title and authors name on the spine of the book is upside down! You open the book with the spine right side up and the whole book is upside down! lol, I have started it, but I was tired and haven't read more than 20 pages or so...can't wait to get into it!!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Update on Bathroom

We are just about done with the redecorating of Hannah's bathroom! I just have to sew the curtains and hang them! So here are a couple of in progress pics!

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