Wednesday, January 28, 2009

RIP Mom - Marilyn Thomas 1/24/40 to 1/28/09


My MIL passed away today after a long and painful battle with cancer. She celebrated her 69th birthday last Saturday and had a final rally on Sunday morning before slipping into what they term 'unresponsiveness'. She had remained unresponsive and started to show the other signs of actively dying (erratic heart beat, erratic BP's, fevers, rapid breathing, apnic periods, shallow breathing and then the crackeling). We had 24 hour nursing care for the last week and that was tremendously helpful to us. I can't speak highly enough of Hospice of the Valley. They have been a truly amazing organization. Anyway, at about 12:35 this afternoon, her nurse Lori came out and said that she has only been taking 1 breath a minute so its time to go say goodbye. So Sean, Hannah and I went in and gave her a kiss and said I love you and she passed at 12:40 with all of us in the room with her.


  1. I'm sorry Chrissy. I know it's both sad and a relief. We'll be thinking of you and your family. Hang in there you did an amazing job caring for her.

  2. ((hugs)) sweetie. Love you guys.


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