Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Business Of Living

We have been getting on with the business of living since MIL passed on Wednesday. Its not an easy thing, there is some guilt, definitely disbelief and at times a feeling of just being on auto-pilot. We cleaned out her old room, sent a box of her clothes and pictures and some other things to Tori (SIL) and kept some stuff for Hannah, and for us. The rest we took to Goodwill. She would want us to be getting on with our lives and that is what we are trying to do, while remembering her in the good times. Wednesday night we took Hannah and went to Cold Stone for some ice cream, GMA Marilyn's favorite! We raised our spoons and toasted GMA Marilyn. Thursday morning it was on to the funeral home to make all the arrangements. MIL wanted to be cremated, so we didn't have to make that decision. We had asked that she be cremated in the elephant flannel jammies that Hannah picked out for her for Christmas, and her fuzzy pink socks. We also asked that the earrings she was wearing at the time of her passing (from Tori) be cremated with her. We purchased a beautiful oak with a cherry finish urn. Sean had asked to see her one last time as well, so they got her out of the refridgeration and laid her out for us. Hannah didn't want to see her, so she waited with the staff from the funeral home while I went with Sean to support him. It was very difficult. The last time we saw her, yes she was dead, but she was warm. Now she was...frigid. I don't mean to be morbid, but I feel like I should get this out. Anyway, after finishing all the arrangements, we went and took my dad out for his birthday. Yeah. We met up at Lonsdale's for a cigar and sandwich lunch. It was a nice time and even relaxing. That night we went back over to my parents house for a family dinner and birthday cakes. We are trying to just get through each day, taking each emotion as it comes. What else can we do?

So now today is Super Bowl Sunday and the Arizona Cardinals are in the hell did that happen anyway...we will probably watch some of the game, we are working on some projects around the house, doing know, the normal stuff. So I guess, we have successfully gotten on with The Business of Living...

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