Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Do you ever have one of those days where you can see all the things that really need to be done around your house, but you cannot get yourself up off your couch (or desk chair in my case today!) to do them? This is totally me today.

My in laws are coming out in just under two weeks and now is definitely NOT the time to let my house go to pot. But dang if I could get myself motivated. All I really had to do today was clean the kitchen (hello holiday weekend full of shopping and eating out and parties and just general laziness = HORRIBLY DIRTY KITCHEN in my house) and clean the bathrooms. That doesn't seem like a lot, it would take maybe an hour tops to get it knocked out.

So instead, I just sit here at my desk (which is covered at the moment in cookbooks and that is a whole other story) eyeballin' the kitchen that is mostly clean now, but still has a few things soaking in the sink that I really really don't feel like getting up and finishing...and my bathrooms, well I did manage to get up and clean the guest bathroom since my good friend Cat comes over every Tuesday night and although I know she loves me even if my house is dirty, I still like to pretend that I keep a clean house...most days. Anyway, I didn't finish that bathroom yet either though as I haven't done the tub/shower. But you see how the day has gone. I get motivated just enough to start the projects and then the phone rings, or my daughter needs/wants my attention and the bathroom and kitchen are forgotten again...until I sit at my desk and peer over at my sink once again...ugh! Maybe, just maybe I can work up the motivation to finish the guest bath and the kitchen before Cat gets here and then all will be forgotten again while we are talking and laughing and preparing dinner...until tonight when I go to get ready for bed and I am staring at dirty master bathroom. Oh well, there is always tomorrow I suppose.


  1. yeah, my FIL came into town over the holiday weekend, so that was my motivation to "mostly" clean the house. I still didn't deep clean everything, so I definitely know what you mean.

    Also...can you let me know what SITS is the next time you comment on my blog? I keep seeing it on your comments and I don't know what it is. (and I'm nosy) ;)

  2. Oh yes. I have those sorts of days all the time. I have perfected them!


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