Friday, May 22, 2009

Photo Walkin' The Neighborhood

So we took a little family walk this evening since its so nice out today...while on our walk, I decided to take the little CanonSD1100IS that is kept in my purse whenever we go anywhere. There really wasn't much interesting or that caught my eye except this..

Photobucket just struck me as cool looking. Oh and there was one other one that I had to get...


...this is Gargoyle, we all say hello whenever we pass him by. =)


  1. Hi, I'm visiting from MBC. Great blog!

  2. Our fire hydrants are purple.. isn't that strange?

    Ok, completely random!

    From SITS!

  3. Cool Gargoyle. That would be a fun thing to spot.
    Dropped by from SITS

  4. the gargoyle is really creepy. Wouldn't you just crap your pants if it said "Hi" back one day?

  5. Just visiting from sists and i saw your pic of the fire hydrant and it made me laugh because my four year old hugs one every time we pass one while we are out walking and he says they are teddy bears lol. Thanks for the smile.


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