Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Extreme Makeover: Me Edition

{ae filkins}

If you haven't heard about EMME yet, head over to Amber's blog at {AE:Filkins} and grab the button and the rules. Each week she posts an EMME to help us all keep track of our progress on improving ourselves by taking time out for ourselves! Something that most women, especially moms don't do nearly enough. So, this weeks question for EMME is:

What's your favorite thing to drink while you're losing weight? We all know how important it is to get that water intake up, especially with summer almost here. What's your favorite way to spice it up?

I really don't drink anything special when I am trying to lose weight. I just try to drink more water and less of the other stuff like soda and the high sugar drinks like Kool-Aid. I do drink lemonade and some Crystal Light, but honestly I haven't really gotten into those kinds of drinks. Maybe I would have better luck staying away from the soda's and stuff if I was drinking the Crystal Light instead...hmmm, thoughts to ponder!


  1. yummoooo water.. I am a big fan of water.. :)

  2. I drink tonnes of water.
    thanks for popping by my blog yesterday.

  3. I quit drinking sodas right around the new year and it's made such a major difference in my weight. Crystal light rocks. THey have some popsicles that are really yummy too. Hope you had a good day!

  4. I try to just drink lots and lots of water. I am a soda drinker, but I have recently given it up (for about the bazillionth time). And Crystal Light I can handle sometimes, but usually I have to water it WAY down. Of course I will never be giving up the coffee. NEVER. But water is where it's at.

  5. I always put a splash of lemon juice in my water. I also keep a pitcher of water in the frig so it's good and cold!!


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