Saturday, June 20, 2009

Extreme Makeover: Me Edition

{ae filkins}

Ok I know I am like 4 days late with this, but better late than never ;) I am going to be catching up on the prompts from all my favorite daily blogs from last week while I am on doctor's orders to be 'resting'!

If you haven't played EMME before, head over to Amber's blog at {AEFilkins} she has all the instructions and the cute little button you can grab too.

The task for this week is :

This week's question:
Brought to you by Connie at The Young and the Relentless

Post a picture of the contents of our fridge to see how much healthy food is in it.

So here are pics of the inside of my fridge and freezer - not all bad stuff, but certainly room for improvement!






So there you have it. We try to eat healthy and each time I go grocery shopping I buy less and less of the 'bad' processed foods and more of the fresh, healthy foods. I am shopping less of the inside aisles and staying on the outer perimeter. Finally. After how many years of nutritionists telling us (as American's) to do this if we want to eat healthier. Anyway, I am definitely making progress and that is the more important thing.

Head on over to Amber's blog if you want to participate in the next EMME! See ya in a few days!

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