Monday, June 1, 2009

Friend Makin' Monday

I came across this great blog with a Monday feature that I thought was awesome so I am going to start participating, if you wanna join me, head over to All That Is Good - Friend Making Monday. You can go HERE to get the rules and stuff for FMM and don't forget to take a cute little button for your FMM post. It can be found at the bottom of the right hand sidebar.

Today's task is to share as few or as many everyday, little tips that you use to make your lives easier. You know- all those special tricks you might have to cook, clean, raise kids, work in the yard, and on and on!

1. Make the bed as soon as I get out of it or else it doesn't get done that day.

2. Keep a glass on the kitchen counter and whenever I go to the kitchen for anything fill it up and try to drink the whole thing. Also I am awful about the amount of soda I drink, so I limit myself to only having a soda if I have had at least 4 glasses of water already.

3. I keep a laundry basket on the dryer and my laundry room is off my kitchen, so as I go about the day if there is anything left laying around (towels, clothes, socks..)I chuck them in the basket and when there is a full load I throw it in.

4. I break down my chores by day so that I am not stressing myself out with cleaning the house top to bottom in one day. This way too, my house is usually company ready within a few minutes of just tidying things up. A little bit everyday makes for a much less stressed out mama!

5. We use reusable grocery sacks, so after grocery shopping we empty the sacks and throw them right back in the car so we don't forget them on the next trip to the store.

6. My daughter does chores! This helps several things, helps me obviously but more importantly its teaching her responsibility and accountability for her actions. She is 4.5 years old and has just in the last few months gotten really good at doing her chores. She helps with things like keeping her room picked up, making her bed, helping put her laundry away, washing and drying her laundry, setting and clearing the dinner table.

So those are my tips, what are yours?


  1. Great tips, especially encouraging your daughter to help out. Good luck with the water drinking. :)
    Glad you're playing along with us. I met lots of great bloggy friends this way.

  2. Good tips & welcome to FMM!!

    I like the thought of doing a little cleaning every day- that will make it a much easier job!!

    Hope you have a great week!


  3. Welcome to FFM!

    I ALWAYS forget to grab a reusable bag before heading to the grocery store! Great tip! Now I just have to remember to bring them out to the car!

    Have a wonderful day!

  4. great tips....I have been doing a beter job of putting the reusable grocery sacks back in the car :)

    Have a great Monday!

  5. Hi,
    Great tips. Do you have a chore chart? Allowance with chores. That is one of my goals to accomplish this year! A system that works for my family! They need to know how to work and be a part of a family....kuddos to you!

  6. Rhonda I do have a chore list and have recently started allowance with my daughter, it helps tremendously for us. It gives her something she can physically see every day and we don't let her spend all of her money. She has almost $100 in allowance money and other misc that she gets from my dad (who is a sucker for a kiss from his granddaughter!). She is allowed to only spend about 25% of what she gets.

  7. I love #4 but I'm not as good at that as I used to be.

  8. Great tips! We have the reusable grocery bags but forget to put them back in the car so almost never use them...arghh!

    Happy FMM!

  9. Yes break up the chores. I read a book in college about this and it makes life easier! Number them 1-10 give them a day. We used to call friends and say "what number are you on"? Im still doing it today.Stopping by from SITS!

  10. My kids are old enough to help with chores and it is a HUGE help!

  11. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love FMM. I want to play along sometime. Hope to get to know you better! Have a great week!!

  12. What a great post!
    Thanks for stoppin by and commenting!


  13. Stopping by from SITS to say hello--this looks like a pretty cool/fun idea!! Thanks for sharing!!

  14. wow, those are some really helpful tips, thanks for sharing those.

    you have an award over at my blog, stop by to pick it up!

  15. Good morning! Dropping by from SITS. Those are some AWESOME tips. We're in the process of trying to adopt some new "habits" here at our house so those were a very welcomed sight.

  16. Great tips!! One thing i do sometimes is always put the receipts in the bag of something I bought but may return, and I always know what bag the receipt it still in... I dunno, it's kind of lame! haha

    But these are REALLY good tips for me! Thanks! And if you ever wanna share some mommy advice, feel free! Thanks for visiting my blog today!

  17. I was unable to do my FMM blog this week but wanted to drop by. I like how you have your daughter helping pick up after herself. Very good thing to teach her. I did the same thing and I never got an allowance for it. Once I asked why I didn't and I was told that those were things that we expected of me, Mom's not a maid, I am fed and have a roof over my head.

    Seemed a bit harsh at the time but they were right.

  18. Those are great tips! I love Friend Makin' Mondays. I stopped doing them to blog about The Bachelorette, but now it looks like I'll have plenty of free time! :)


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