Wednesday, July 29, 2009


{ae filkins}

I am sure you all know the drill by now, so head over to Amber's blog and link up for this week's EM:ME!

Amber wants to know 'How are you doing'?

Well Amber, since you asked, I am doing fantastic! I haven't weighed myself this week, but at last count I had lost 5 lbs and dropped an impressive 23.5 inches (as of a 4 days ago). I am up to 12 or more miles a day on the stationary bike and that includes hills and increased resistance. Some days are harder than others to get through mentally, but I am fighting through it and completing my miles every day and I WILL hit my goal of 150 miles biked for the month of July (and yes I am doing that 150 in less than a whole month, I am doing it in just over 3 weeks!)!!!

I am heading into vacation this weekend at the beach and I am so excited to be heading out of town. But I was worried about not having my bike and not getting my miles in while on vacation. I don't want to fall behind on my progress and I know how much harder it will be to come home and try to get back on the wagon. So I talked to my MIL (who we will be staying with) and we have agreed to keep each other on track while we are there. They have a pool, a treadmill and of course we can take lots of walks. So hopefully I won't fall behind at all, it will just be 4 days of a different kind of exercise, which will be good for my body to spice things up!

Wooohooo! Here I come vacation!!


  1. WooHoo!!! Nice work!!

    Have a fabulous week. Rock it girl!

  2. Awesome loss in inches girl!!!!!

  3. You lost HOW MANY inches?!?!?

    Excuse me, while I pick my jaw up off the floor, woman!!

    Awesome, awesome job!

  4. You are freakin AWESOME! Great job on the pounds and the inches and for riding so many miles!

    That is great that you will have the support of your MIL and that she will exercise with you!

    Have a great time at the beach!

  5. Daaaaaaaaaaaaaang gina!!! Oh my goodness, you are rawwwkin it girl! I cannot believe you are riding 12 miles per day!! And you've lost HOW many inches!? Geez! You're totally inspiring!


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