Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Extreme Makeover: Me Edition

{ae filkins}

You know the drill, Amber over at {AEFilkins} started Extreme Makeover: Me Edition and each week she posts a new topic or question. If you haven't checked her out or joined in, you totally should!

The topic this week is :

What's Been Inspiring You?

In all honesty, what has been inspiring me is reading all my fellow EM:ME'rs who are pushing themselves to be healthy and fit. It's so easy for all of us to come up with 1000 excuses for why we aren't eating better or exercising and I am at the front of that line with my excuses in hand. Since joining in the EM:ME though its a different story. I am eating better, writing down exactly what I am putting in my mouth and how much, I have cut soda almost completely out, and I am exercising daily!

This is huge for me, I have been a SAHM for 5.5 years. I haven't woken up to an alarm in that time more than maybe a handful of times. In the last week however, I have only not gotten up to the alarm one time. That was today...and I felt horrible about it. You see, for the last week I have been getting up at 6 am when the hubs leaves for work. I have been rolling out of bed, getting some water and throwing my workout clothes on and lacing up my tennies and getting my happy butt on the exercise bike - see this post and doing at least of my total miles for the day. I am starting out slowly and building up since its been FOR-EVER since I have worked out. Anyway, I have faithfully done at least 5 miles every single day, broken into 2 workouts, half in the morning and half in the afternoon. Today not getting up with the alarm - I felt all out of whack. I didn't have time to workout because my daughter was needing my attention, so that means I had to wait til it was quiet time. I am happy to say, I did 6 miles today instead of 5 and I bumped up the resistance. Yay me! I feel awesome - not only physically do I feel better, but mentally and I am so proud of myself. Oh, and yes, I do notice the changes physically already which totally shocks me, but it keeps me motivated.

So, you ask who has been inspiring's you! And me too!


  1. Good Lord woman. I'm tired just READING this post.

  2. Awesome...I'm proud of you too Chrissy! Keep up the great work, I will be joining you next week. Honestly, Monday!

  3. Wow!! That is awesome!!! I think you're my new inspiration lol!

  4. That is so good that you are exercising like that. My exercise routine is all out of wack right now since we've been moving. But I'm still losing inches and that's good too.

    Keep up the awesome work. It will so pay off.

  5. CHRISSY!!! Great job! I'm so proud of you for challenging yourself and biking farther!

    Have a great week!

  6. Wow, girl, talk about inspiration! I am so impressed and proud of you. And I can tell you're proud of yourself too. That's awesome. No excuses, you just go out there and work for what you want. Nice job!

  7. Great work my dear! WooHoo! Look at you go! Before you know it, you are going to look and feel just how you imagine yourself. Don't ever give up! Stay strong and stay focused. You can do it!!

  8. Go Chrissy!!!

    I'm going to follow your lead and start my workouts first thing in the AM... the longer I put them off, the less likely it is that I will get them done.

  9. Woww..good for you...what is there not to be proud of...


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