Sunday, July 12, 2009

A New Day

Today is a new day, it's a day of new beginnings for me. I have decided it's time to really focus on me for a while and get healthy (or at least healthier). I have been pretty healthy up til this year and I seem to be falling apart all of the sudden. I have been overweight for a long long time, but was always still healthy (i.e no high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, heart issues). Then with all the stress we were under last year with the caregiving of my MIL and GMA - I had way high blood pressure. So high that my doctor put me on blood pressure meds. All my other blood work came back perfect, still no diabetes. However my cholesterol was through the roof - thanks mostly to my PCOS (poly cystic ovarian syndrome). But this was enough to kind of scare me into making some changes. We have started eating more fresh, unprocessed foods - eating less meats and packaged foods, eating smaller portions and drinking less soda. But the exercise was lacking. Let's face it, I am a SAHM, I am not lazy but I was not doing any actual focused workouts either. Then the faux heart attack I had a few weeks ago, combined with the fact that the last couple of days my right leg and foot were swollen to double the normal size - I am sufficiently freaked out. So, my mom had been looking for a treadmill for herself and posted on my mommy group forums (PhoenixMommies) that she was ISO a treadmill. One of the ladies messaged her saying she had both a treadmill and an exercise bike that she was looking to sell if she was interested. I talked to my mom and she said that she would buy both ($100 for both! what a deal!) and she would keep the treadmill and give me the bike since I despise walking on a treadmill but can rock it out on the bike. So my dad and I went and picked them up yesterday and I have gotten started on my new way of life.

My goal is to do at least 2.5 miles twice a day - if I can break it up into smaller chunks of time I will be more likely to get it done. So if I can turn the tv on and watch one show while getting in a couple of miles I am proud of myself. Last night I did just that, I got in 2.2 miles the first time. Then again this morning I have done 2.7 miles. This evening I will do the rest of my 5 miles for today. I feel better, have more energy already and feel proud of myself for doing it. Now, just to remain accountable...


  1. I just stumbled across your blog from a link to another one. It must be something in the air.... I just dusted off my treadmill a week ago too. Good luck to you and to me as we both enter our new healthy journey, our time to focus on a new and improved self! TV or music definitely helps! I put my Ipod on and rock out to Billy Idol, the Rocky theme song and other tunes. Best of luck to you! ~Mandy

  2. YEA! Good for you! That is a great deal!

  3. My goal is to THINK about this one day. :)


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