Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Random-ness and Stuff...


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My mind is working a million miles a minute today, so much to do and so little time. Today started off lazy and hasn't gotten much more active. I have cleaned the kitchen - score one for me! I ordered pizza for lunch - bad mommy! Oh well. I have piles of laundry to do before I can start packing for the upcoming trip to the beach this weekend. I have to clean the whole house so that my BFF Cat doesn't have to live in squalor while she is house and pet sitting for us. I have to hit the grocery store to get some snacks and drinks for the road. Oh and I have to work in my miles (at least 12) before 3 pm today so that I have time to shower and get ready before I have to go out in the awful (115 degrees today - IN THE SHADE) heat to take Hannah to pom and cheer class. Ugh. Mommy is soooo tempted to skip class today so we don't have to go out at all....hmmm, that is sounding better and better as the day goes on...

My husband works in the Emergency Room of one of the local hospitals, they are one of only 3 level 1 trauma units in the valley and his is the furthest North which means they get lots of stuff from the northern part of the state (car accidents and things like that). They are a really REALLY busy ER. I don't know how he does it. Seriously. He sees some of the nastiest stuff this life has to offer and of course comes home and tells me about some of it and I usually am sitting there either bawling my eyes out or trying not vomit. Blech. Anyway, my point of all that was that he works with some real characters. I love most of the people he works with. There are a few who are really funny and a couple of them are gay men. The part I find really hilarious is when they hit on my straight-as-an-arrow husband! Teeheee! Cracks me up.

Let's see what other randomness is floating around in my brain....Gold Canyon candles. Love them. Used to sell them, I have one burning right now - Cinnamon Vanilla. YUM! I haven't bought any candles in FOR-EVER...well at least since it came out the GCC was employing TONS of illegal immigrants. I don't want this to turn into a huge political debate on illegal immigration, but I live in Phoenix. HUGE illegal immigration issues. Speaking of politics, did you see Obama's 'dad jeans' as they are calling them? Yeah, not a fan of that look, but honestly I don't think the jeans he thinks are comfortable have any bearing on how well he can or cannot run the country...just sayin'.


  1. 115 degree good grief you must be in PHX!!!
    a trip to the beach sounds divine right about now!

    enjoyed all your randomness

  2. You must be very excited about the beach trip! you are going to love the weather change...Candles I am a big fan too...

  3. did you notice that his jeans have a very crisp seam on them? not only is he wearing dad jeans, but he is ironing them as well! LOL

  4. Ooh, a beach vacation! Man, it is hot, hot, hot. Try and stay cool as best you can.

  5. They're criticizing his jeans now? Uh, he's a dad? He can wear dad jeans, dontcha think?


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