Friday, January 1, 2010

Goal Setting aka New Years Resolutions

So I don't know if you are like me, but when I was growing up my dad would sit my brother and me down and ask us to do some goal setting for the upcoming year. When I became an adult, I decided I didn't want to do that anymore because, well...I never really tried to reach the goals I had been setting for years, so obviously I didn't find success at achieving the goals.

I decided however, that this year I wanted to return to my roots and have come up with my goals for 2010. Maybe putting them out here will help hold me accountable to achieving them.

These are in not really in any order, just what came to me as I thought about my life:

Stop living paycheck to paycheck - finally get our finances under control and not let it be a hindrance to what we want from life.

Be healthier - be more consistent with the exercising and eating right.

Stop yelling.

Spend more family time - taking walks, playing games, reading.

Less computer time - this kind of goes along with more family time.

Focus on my photography - setup business end.

Travel - as much as possible. Road trips, day trips.

Go on dates with my husband at least once a month.

Have a family fun night with good friends. Make time for doing more things together.

Keep my house more clean and organized. Consistently.

Spend less extraneous cash.

Cook more meals at home - thoughtfully prepare meals for my family.

So, that's it. I am really trying to work on all these areas of our life and I hope to be doing much better on all of them by this time next year =). What about you? Any goals you have set for yourself for 2010?

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  1. Great goals for the new year! I wish you all the best in the reaching them!


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