Friday, July 30, 2010

The Cutest Patient Ever

Yesterday was a big day around here. A few months ago Hannah had what we thought was just a pimple right on the tip of her nose. We didn't pick, poke or try to pop it. Just left it thinking it will go away. After it not going away for several months, we made an appointment with a plastic surgeon who my hubby as worked with in the ER.
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The doctor told us that it was not a pimple. He asked if she had had a scratch or something on that part of her nose before the 'bump' appeared. I thought back and it seemed like yes she may have had a small scratch. He said that he believed it to be just an overgrowth of tissue that never stopped growing when the skin was trying to heal itself. He said that he wouldn't know for sure until he takes it off and sends it off to pathology, but he really was confident it would prove to be benign but should definitely be removed.


We scheduled the surgery and the closer we got the more nervous I got. My baby has always been perfectly healthy. I mean we don't even go to the doctor more than once a year for her well checks, that is how healthy. She doesn't get sick, hasn't ever been hospitalized for anything. I was getting really anxious. I mean, this is major surgery. She was being put fully under.

Finally, the morning of surgery came and we headed off to the hospital for her 6 am pre-op appointment. Hannah's nurse was really great with her and we all laughed all the way through pre-op. The anesthesiologist came in and talked to us for a few and then gave Hannah what we are calling, the happy juice.


Hannah gave herself the happy juice and then it was time to wait while it took effect. The plastic surgeon came in and talked to us, just letting us know he didn't think there would be any issues, just a simple procedure and she should be in recovery in an hour. Mimi was with us so she read Hannah a story while we waited for the happy juice to relax her some more.


Finally Hannah started to get really loopy, couldn't sit up without tipping over so it was time to take her back to the OR and put her under. I was really proud of myself for doing so well, not showing her how scared I was. I figured she needed me to be strong since she was really scared.


We went over and had some breakfast in the cafeteria hoping for that to kill most of the hour that she should be in surgery. By the time we got back across the way to the surgical center we only had to wait about 20 minutes before they came to get me. I was so relieved. When I got back to her in recovery she was obviously still out of it and she just started bawling when she saw me. The nurses said that she did so good during surgery and she was fine but this was a reaction most kids had after surgery. They are still all drugged up and trying to come out and are really disoriented. Tears are normal. So I just tried to hold her and get her to calm down. She just kept saying she wanted to go home now.

After she calmed down we were able to head home within about an hour of her coming out of surgery. Hubby had to stay and work his shift in the ER, but he was able to be with us for all of the morning til we went home so I was happy. My mom drove us home and we made a quick stop at the store for Popsicle's and ice cream. When we got home, Hannah was completely fine. Everyone had told me that she would be sleepy and would be kind of out of it that day. Not the case. She was up and running around shortly after got home! That was good and bad. Good that she was fine and was back to herself, but bad for mama who needed badly to decompress and have a good cry.


The doctor says that the spot where the bump was should be all healed up in a week or so and we will just have to slather sunscreen on it for a while to make sure it heals completely.

So now we are back to things as normal with playdates and preparing for kindergarten to start in a couple of weeks. Another heavy day that mama will need time to decompress after!


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