Monday, August 9, 2010

School Days

So Hannah is supposed to be starting kindergarten next Monday. See, we did an open enrollment for the school we want her to go to. We got a letter of approval back in March. The school we wanted her to go to is not in our district, after we got the letter saying we got into the school we wanted we didn't bother registering her in our 'in district' school. We don't want her to go there anyway. So fast forward to last week. We go and do the school shopping, clothes and supplies. Then Friday I call the school to find out if she is AM or PM kindergarten (that is a whole other post about how it was supposed to be full day but is now half day). The school tells me that we won't know if she is even guaranteed a spot til Thursday for Meet The Teacher because they had a bunch of new 'in district' registrations in July. Fantastic.

Hubby and I talked about it and decided that we will be homeschooling her for the year if she doesn't get a spot or if she is in PM Kindy. We talked to Hannah and she says she is ok with either so I am just hoping it all works out. But I am seriously frustrated. I mean, not knowing until 3 days before school starts exactly what is happening? What if I were a working mom and needed to know for figuring out a daycare or other type solution? Just seems like really poor planning to not have the information readily available sooner.

On a side note, Hannah's nose is really looking great. We met with the plastic surgeon last week for her one week follow up and he was pleased with the healing. He had gotten the pathology back on the tissue he removed and it was a benign mole. Nothing to worry about and he said that it shouldn't come back, but if we notice that it starts to come back we will just have to go in and take all the surrounding tissue out but he doesn't anticipate that happening.


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  1. Kiddos are super healers! That is great news! You must have cried/sighed relief w/ the path results.

    I hope that all works out w/ school for her.


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