Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I had a bad week last week, gained a pound. But I lost 4 inches, so I have been trying really hard to just focus on that instead of the gained lb.

I tried to think about the causes and what was different last week. If I know what's broken I can try to fix it, right? The more I thought about what I did (or didn't do) over the course of the last week I came to the realization that I did a lot of shopping. Over and above grocery shopping we did a lot of clothes shopping and things like that. The more I shopped, the more out of control I felt. I ate within my points everyday, but I never ate all of my points for the day. I also didn't make great choices of the food I did eat. Instead of eating a lot of fruits and veggies like has become my new normal, instead, I ate pizza and Arby's. I only did yoga 2 times the whole week too. During the week, I could feel that I didn't feel right. I felt out of control, but couldn't put a finger on why I felt that way.

Saturday I went to my weigh in just hoping to not have a gain. When I saw that I gained 1 lb I was disappointed and just felt awful. When I did my measurements after the meeting I felt a little better knowing I did lose inches, but I still wasn't happy because of that one lb. Saturday I made great food choices, ate all of my points and felt so much better. I don't normally do yoga on the weekends, but yesterday I started my day with yoga and weighed myself, fortunately my scale and the WW scale are always the same. My scale showed a 2.6 lb loss! I have been making much better food choices, have done yoga twice this week and I feel fantastic.

I am focusing this week on making the best food choices each day and increasing my yoga routine from 30 minutes a day to 40 by the end of the week. I have already increased it to 35 minutes and added a few new poses that challenge me physically but I feel so great when its all said and done. I am back on track and as of today have lost 47 lbs since last summer. Go me!


  1. great job chrissy! remember that there are always those "blah" weeks. being able to reflect is a HUGE advantage you have.

  2. Thanks Jasmine! I agree, to be able to actually look back and find the correlation between my behavior and a weight issue is a big step for me.


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