Saturday, July 30, 2011

Goodwill Treasures

I decided to make a trip to Goodwill today, it was 50% off day and I usually find some great deals at my local Goodwill stores. Today was definitely no different. As soon as we walked in we saw the racks of jewelry and I found these three and snapped them right up.

First, these silver dangle earrings. I absolutely love these earrings. They sparkle and shine beautifully and are really comfortable. They don't make any annoying jingle sounds so that is a bonus.

Secondly, I found this strand of beads. They range from small to super big and chunky beads. When they are not looped twice, they reach to almost my belly button!

Lastly, I saw this necklace and loved it immediately. It has beads, chain, gems all together. This one too comes pretty close to my belly button when its not looped twice.

Fortunately I was also able to find some great clothes for Princess and the upcoming school year. Dresses, skirts and a few pairs of shorts all in great condition!


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