Thursday, July 21, 2011

Summer THE Dog

I just realized that I have never introduced you to our puppy, Summer.

The story of how Summer came to be part of the family goes like this...

Our family had been talking about getting a dog for a really long time. We had even tried out a couple of dogs over the years. When Hubby and I first got married, he had 2 daschunds (wiener dogs) named Barron and Tashia. They were good dogs, if a little ahh...crazy. See they had a Napoleon complex. They would go after the biggest baddest dogs they could find to prove they were badass dogs even though they barely reached your kneecaps when they stood on their hind legs. Anyway, when we found out we were pregnant we decided to have my 1 year old nephew over to see how the dogs would do with small kids. They failed. Big time. So after much thought and trying to find the right rescue, we took them to a daschund rescue. Hubby was so upset about it, he is a huge dog, not so much. I prefer fish. Fish are easy to take care of, you don't have to clean up poop or puke or hair. I digress..anywho. We got our first dog a few years ago, Jack a black lab. He was 7 and not fixed and was a NIGHTMARE. Not a good family dog. So we had to rehome him. A few months later we tried a female beagle, Daisy. She was a good dog, but she was older and set in her ways. And I was allergic to her. Every time I was in the same room with her I couldn't breathe, was sneezing up a storm and my eyes would water horribly. So we gave her back to the family we had gotten her from. After that I was pretty hesitant to try any other dogs. But Hubby and the little princess decided they just couldn't live without a dog. Hubby decided to start doing some research on dogs that are good for people with allergies and that are great family dogs. The one breed that met those requirements was a Boxer. So, I didn't make any promises, but I said ok we can start looking at Boxers and if we find the right one, we can talk.

A few weeks before Christmas, a friend of mine posted on Facebook that she needed to rehome her 9 month old female Boxer. So I emailed her and asked her to tell me about the dog. We decided to have them bring the dog over to our house so they could see where she would be living and how we all got along with her. Now, I should tell you, as soon as I saw her picture I fell in love with her. I just wanted to snuggle her face. She is a brindle boxer with the black mug and huge brown eyes. She has the sweetest disposition. We had them bring her over when princess was at school so that it could be a big surprise if we ended up getting her. Hubby and I fell in love with her and after spending about an hour with her, the family took her home and we told them we would talk about it and let them know. The next day we decided we would adopt her. We made arrangements for them to bring her back over a couple of days before Christmas. Princess was speechless she was so surprised.

Summer has fit in with our family so well right from the start. She is the sweetest puppy and is so loving and gentle with all of us. She has her hyper moments, but she is a puppy after all. She loves to chase laser lights and if there is a ball anywhere around you can believe she will chase that sucker down and make sure she kills it. She loves to go to the dog park and run like the wind. It's fun to watch her take off like a shot as soon as she gets in the gate and all the other dogs chase her trying to catch up. We ♥ our Summer dog.



  1. OMG! How adorable! I am in love! I am such a dog person myself :)


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