Tuesday, August 2, 2011

At Home Manicures

If you are like me, you like having your nails done but may not always have the money to go to a salon. Because of that, I have collected a pretty decent stash of great polishes and all the tools needed to do a great at home manicure.

In our house Princess and I have made Sunday's our mani/pedi day. We have been doing this since last summer, so its a pretty solid tradition. The other day when I was catching up on my blog reading I saw Brown Eyed Belle post a picture from Cupcakes and Cashmere.

As soon as I saw it I absolutely fell in love with the pink and glitter manicure! So I looked through my stash of polish to see if I had what i would need to do this at home. Unfortunately I had gotten rid of my glitter and didn't have a light enough pink that would actually show so I headed off to Target.

These are the colors I ended up with

And here is my finished product, I ♥ them!


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