Monday, August 1, 2011

FMM: Girly Questions

Wow, it's been a really long time since I have participated in a Friend Makin' Monday! I'm jumping back in today after seeing Kenlie's post over at All The Weigh. Here's the idea, in case you've never heard of FMM! Grab the button, post a blog with your answers to this week's FMM question, link your post in the comments section over on All The Weigh, check out some of the other posts that have been linked and leave them some comment love! The whole point is to make some new bloggy friends.

FMM:Girly Questions

1. Do you like to shop?
I LOVE to shop. It is seriously one of my favorite things. Doesn't matter if it is at Goodwill, Target or Sephora. I am a happy girl when I get to shop.

2. How often do you wear makeup? I wear makeup almost every day. I generally wear mascara, blush and gloss if I am just around the house and possibly running a few errands. If I am going out for a date night or girls night or something more important that just errands I will put a full face on.

3. How do you feel about nail polish? I love me some nail polish! I have a pretty decent stash of polishes. I would say I buy a new polish once a month or more. It is something that makes me happy for not a lot of money so it's an easy pick-me-up!

4. Do you consider yourself to be a feminist? Yes and no. I am know that I am not a feminist in the traditional sense of the word. But I do believe that I am capable of doing most if not all things myself, even though I love having my hubby around to do the heavy lifting and such ;).

5. What is your biggest challenge as a woman? For me personally, I believe my biggest challenge is finding a balance between wife,mother and woman. I am all of those things, but its hard to strike that perfect balance between all three of them.

6. Do you wear skirts and dresses? I occasionally wear skirts and dresses. I don't feel as confident in them as I would like to, but sometimes I just say screw it! and wear them because I adore them! I have been wearing them more often in the last few months so hopefully that is a sign that I am feeling more confident these days!

7. How do you feel about high heels? I love ADORE high heels! I just think they are gorgeous and love the way they make me feel when I wear them...and how they make my calves look ;).

8. Do you subscribe to magazines? If so, which ones? I subscribe to a few mags. Cosmo, Glamour and Rangefinder (a photography mag).

9. Do you shave your legs/wax/ use depilatory creams or go au naturale? I shave my legs. I have tried depilatory creams and they don't work the best for me so I stick with shaving. I'm too chicken to wax!

10. What do you like most about being a woman? I generally like everything about being a woman. We are amazing, powerful, beautiful, intelligent beings and that is to be celebrated!

You're turn now!


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  1. Hiya, I'm so glad you commented on my blog so I could find yours - I'm loving it so far! You have a new follower! And I like the Marriage Monday thing too; what a great idea!


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