Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Let's Talk About s.e.x. baby

I read this blog earlier today at Mrs. T Naturally that was talking about s.e.x. in marriage. She talked about how important what we wear to bed is to our relationship with our husband. Anyway, she challenged her readers to write a post about sex because there really aren't many mom or faith bloggers talking about it and the importance of it in a marriage. So I am taking this challenge and running with it!

How do you show your husband that you love and appreciate all he does for you and your family? For me, I have learned in my 7+ years of marriage that just saying 'thank you' isn't always enough. There have been times where hubby needs more than just a simple thank you to really feel like he is appreciated for all of the things he does for our family. I've learned that if I show him love and affection it helps him really feel like I care about the sacrifices he makes, that all the time and energy he has to spend working 2 jobs to provide a nice life for us doesn't go unnoticed.

When I say showing him love and affection, that obviously is not just talking about s.e.x., but holding hands and snuggling. I know, I know, men aren't supposed to be into those kinds of girly romantic displays of affection! But, in my experience, if you are doing it for the right reasons, to show him how much you love him, he is not going to reject that affection (especially if it has the possibility to lead to something else...)!

I guess what I'm saying is, the biggest thing I have learned in regard to my relationship with my hubby is that sex is a big part of the relationship, but it is so much more than just the act of intimacy. It's the emotional intent behind it, it's fulfilling a need that is more than just physical.

My question to you is this, are you brave enough to take this challenge on? Link up with Mrs. T Naturally if you dare!



  1. I'm not brave enough yet to take on the challenge, but I'm definitely enjoying the blog hop! I think you hit it right on the nail when you talked about the emotional intent behind sex!!

  2. Reading all of your post from Mrs. T's I'm thinking I might just have to join in. Guess I will start writing and see if I'm brave enough to post it. Thank you for being brave.

  3. Hi....new follower from the hop. Thanks for following me as well;) I just found Mrs. T Naturally blog today thanks to the hop...love it!


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