Monday, August 8, 2011

Marriage Monday #2

It's week 2 of Marriage Monday's from Kirsten at Pure Joy. Today I will be picking up where I left off last week, so talking about our wedding plans and getting Hubby from Iowa back here to Phoenix.

Hubby and I got engaged on Halloween 2003. Soon after I left him back in Iowa and came back home to Phoenix. We started talking about dates pretty quickly. Hubby is actually the one who chose our wedding date. His grandparents had gotten married on Leap Day and they were married for 64 years. They had passed a few years before we met, so he asked if I would mind us getting married that day in their honor. I didn't have a problem with that, but that meant I only had from November til February to plan our wedding. Lucky for him, I am an excellent wedding planner and that was no big deal for me!

At the same time I was in Phoenix working and planning our wedding, he was in Iowa working and packing up his house. We had decided that I would fly back out to Iowa to drive back to Phoenix with him and the two dogs he had the week before Christmas. I went out a few days before we were planning to drive back so we could celebrate Christmas with his mom. Finally, it was time to head out. It's about a 22 hours or longer drive depending on the route you take and the time of year. We had to stop several times for the dogs to do their business and run around a bit but finally we hit the Arizona border and I knew it was only a few more hours to my parents house. We stayed with them for a short time until our apartment was ready.

Not long after we moved into the apartment, my Matron of Honor and her Hubby threw us a pre-wedding Luau! We had so much fun and just got to enjoy hanging out with our friends and family.

Me and Hubby at the Luau

After that, it was only a few short weeks until the wedding! Those weeks were filled with all the bachelor/bachelorette parties, bridal showers, fittings, rehearsal dinner and all the other last minute details that crop up before a wedding.

Me and my 'clean' bachelorette party

Me at my dirrrty bachelorette party!

Holls one of my bff's and a bridesmaid with Joel the best man at the rehearsal dinner

Stay tuned next week for the Wedding Post!



  1. So glad you linked up! I cant believe you planned your wedding so fast! You could seriously be a professional wedding planner with that record!


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