Sunday, August 7, 2011

Menu Issues

I know I can't be the only one who feels like I cook the same foods over and over and over. This was brought to my attention the other day by Hubby who made the comment that he is 'getting tired of waffles'. Yeah. Admittedly, I have been making breakfast for dinner about once a week the last few weeks because, well, it's easy and I don't have to think about taking something out in the morning to thaw or anything else. Anyway, shortly after he made that comment I decided that he would be eating waffles for every meal from now til forever was right. I have been on auto-pilot in regards to the menu around here, pretty much all summer long.

I decided that I would start making a better effort to make things that actually take time to prepare and are better for us nutrition wise. So I sat down the next day and made out my menu for the rest of the month. Never repeating the same meal I was able to come up with 20 or so distinctly different healthy meals. The first of the meals I came up with is a pork roast with mango salsa. A good friend of mine, Harmony from Flip Flops and Froggies has suggested this meal to me before but it always sounded like it would just take too much effort to do. I went grocery shopping on Saturday and got all the ingredients I would need to make the mango salsa from scratch using this recipe from Food Network.

Hubby worked 13 days in a row and today was his first and only day off so I decided to make this pork roast with mango salsa. I paired it with brown rice with cilantro and lime and corn.

Season pork roast with salt and pepper

Brown on all sides in extra virgin olive oil

While the meat is browning, grab all of your ingredients for the mango salsa

Flip over and brown the other side

Dice mango's

Peel and dice cucumber

Finely chop red onion

Squeeze lime juice into the bowl with the other ingredients

Finely chop the jalapeno

Chop some cilantro

Throw it all in a bowl and mix together really well

Take the roast off the stove and put it in a crock pot

Add a cup of water and all of the mango salsa (you could also keep some aside to add as garnish after its all cooked)

Let it cook for about 6 hours and voila, this is what you get!

Hubby was uber happy that it was not waffles and he loves pork so he was doubly happy! And it tasted so good! Will definitely be making this meal like a month or two ;)



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