Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Well the first day of school was a success! Princess was so excited to see us at the gate yesterday when we picked her up, it made my heart smile. I was so anxious all day to hear how her day was and to see her waving her arms frantically at me from her classroom all the way across the school yard to the gate where I was standing just made my day.

She gave me a great big hug and kiss when she came out of the gate. When I asked her how the first day went she said 'it was really great, mom'! Yay! She got to play with her two bff's who are in the other first grade class at recess. She was not the only one to bring her lunch from home. She made a new friend, F who is in her class. She had art (and will every Monday) and absolutely LOVED it!

While she had been at school I made some funny mustache and lips on a stick to take funny pictures with so we did that after school.

I have to say, the house is much too quiet with her not in it. But I think I will adjust and probably appreciate my time with her that much more when she is at home. I just can't believe my baby is already in the first grade. Where has the time gone? Seriously!



  1. So glad she liked it! Great Pictures!!

  2. So cute, I am glad she had a great day. Cute pictures girl


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