Sunday, August 14, 2011

Week In Review

This has been kind of a crazy past week for us. I hurt my back so I haven't been able to do much in the way of cleaning or anything, its feeling a bit better so I am going to try to get some things done around here today.

We have been getting things ready for Princess to start 1st grade tomorrow, I can't believe she is going into 1st grade. Holy crap. Anyway, we had meet the teacher night at her school last Thursday. We were the first ones in the class so got to meet her teacher without a bunch of chaos going on around us. She seems great so far and Princess likes her, we will see if that lasts all year long. A few of her kindergarten classmates are in her class so she was happy about that, unfortunately her two best friends N and J are in the other 1st grade class. Bummer. We did go over and visit her kindy teacher, Mrs P and she was so excited to see Princess it made me happy to see that.

Friday we did our grocery shopping, fun times. I did get this Guy Fieri tri tip that I had read about. It was so good! You can find them at Costco if you want to try it.

Yesterday we went over to a local farmer's market that we like in North Scottsdale. There is a creme brulee food truck that goes to this farmer's market every week. When we first went to this market we got Princess a creme brulee to try and she loved it. So for her birthday last year, she had a tea party theme and wanted creme brulee instead of birthday cake. My girl loves her some creme brulee. So we got her some yesterday and then picked out some fresh corn on the cob for dinner.

Today will be filled with laundry and cleaning (as much as I can do) and getting things ready for the first week of school. I am excited to have some time to myself again, but so anxious about Princess being away from me all day. I know she will do great...and I am sure I will get over my nerves soon too! Today is also nail day, we do our mani/pedi's every Sunday.

I bought this new polish last week when I had to run to Target for my fun manicure I wanted to try, you can read about that here. So since it was time again for at home manicures with Princess, I went with this fun shade from the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure line. The color I chose is called I Pink I Can! How fun is that?!

The other thing that happened this past week is that I made a decision to earn a #7daychip. You are probably thinking, what the hell is a #7daychip? Well since you asked, I will tell you! A man named Brad Gansberg has created the #7daychip as a way for people to help support and encourage each other in their goals. Any goal, you name it and if you reach it 7 days in a row, you earn a #7daychip. For me, my goal was to make healthy food choices one day at a time, for 7 days in a row. Today is day 7 and I will own that chip tomorrow!!



  1. love that shade of pink. I hope Princess has a great first day back at school!

  2. Love the color and hope you feel better!


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